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Mobile substation
The prefabricated high and medium voltage mobile substation is an alternative to the conventional substation. It consists of an ideal solution for the construction of one or more line or transformation bays, in a transportable form: the components are installed on semi-trailers or on skid bases. It is a plug and play solution that allows you to substantially reduce installation times on site. It can be used as a back-up system in emergency situations, as a temporary solution during the extraordinary maintenance of an existing substation or to respond to meet highly variable load.

Carbon footprint of product (CFP)

The functional unit is represented by an electrical substation that converts electricity from high to medium voltage, with a reference service life (RSL) of 35 years.
From cradle to grave

Verification details

Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A.
Plant of Via Rossaro, 9 - 24047 Treviglio (BG)
PCR 007 “Electronic and electrical products and systems” v.1A
CFP Study Report Generale Dati Anno 2019 per CFP Systematic approach
Please note that the study refers also to the PCR "Electronic and electrical products and systems – power transformers”, v3.2, due to the presence of a transformer inside the mobile substation.
Revision 1 of the 30th of March 2021

GHG values included in the CFP

GHG valueskg CO2e
Net fossil GHG emissions and removals5,88E+06
Biogenic GHG emission7,83E+05
Biogenic GHG removals-4,3E+01
GHG emissions and removals resulting from dLUC5,90E+05
Aircraft GHG emissions 0