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TTS Cleaning S.r.l.
Viale dell’Artigianato 12/14 - 35010 Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) – Italy
+39 049 9300710
Carla Zorzo - Sandra Marcon

Registration N. P-2019-0001

Cleaning trolley Magic Line, washing by TEC wringer
MULTIPURPOSE TROLLEY with double tank washing and with jaws wringer. Complete with 120 Lt bag holder, side bowl, 2 buckets of 4 Lt. Available in different colors, closing degrees and wheel combinations. Includes the codes: ML120B0A0000, ML120P0A0000, ML120V0A0000

Carbon footprint of product (CFP)

1 cleaning trolley
from cradle to grave

Verification details

Viale dell'Artigianato 12/14, Via Tremarende 4/8 - 35010 Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) - Italy
PCR 2008:07 vs. 2.2 “Cleaning trolleys for professional use”
3. TTS_CFP Study report Specifico_ML120B0A0000
The product shall be deemed to be delivered in Italy
Rev. 1 - 17 01 2020

GHG values included in the CFP

GHG valueskg CO2e
Net fossil GHG emissions and removals54.59
Biogenic GHG emission2.59
Biogenic GHG removals-2.30
GHG emissions and removals resulting from dLUC0,06
Aircraft GHG emissions 0,00